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Widcombe Rising: Claverton Street, Widcombe, Bath

Here is a small selection from the many letters received since the event:

'Widcombe was never so high!' - Resident

'Three cheers for Lady Margaret, for he's a jolly good lady' - Chronicle letters

'The day had style and phizz and togetherness. A great launch for a permanent bypass' - Resident

'Wonderful organisation, very friendly and a great pleasure' - V.C.

'Alroight Rolf? It were a pleasure and a privy to play at yer little shindig' - Bill Smarme

'What a wonderful day it was. The organisation was fantastic' - Resident, Lyncombe Vale

'Wonderful vision and execution' - M.K.

'I was quite moved by some of the real old veterans that were there. Well done!' - Visitor from Torquay

'The picnic was magical and the street festival brilliant' - Widcombe resident

'May I offer a sturdy vote of thanks and congratulations to Ralph Oswick, Nick Steel and their colleagues for making the Widcombe Rising day on Sunday June 19 such a resounding success? Their hard work and vision ensured that a splendid time was guaranteed for all. As a resident of Widcombe Parade it was wonderful to see my street full of happy smiling pedestrians rather than the ghastly endless stream of heavy goods vehicles to which we are usually subject. Well done, chaps, and here's to the next one... - Widcombe resident

'A stunning event. A fun and stylish day; the range of events truly impressive and showed only too well how Claverton Street could, with imagination and community endeavour, be reinstated as the village street of Widcombe' - His Worship the Mayor of Bath

'It was lovely getting involved and meeting hitherto unknown neighbours' - Resident, Claverton Street

'I love community spirit, and it just flowed what a perfect event!' - Local resident

'No, I do not want to buy a programme, and I will not enjoy myself, it is too hot and I have hurt my knee' - German visitor, later seen dancing the Widcombe Waltz with gay abandon!

'Congratulations! I enclose a donation from two residents who were not well enough to walk down the road and join in the fun' - Resident, sheltered housing

'Superb event' - Chronicle letters

'It was fabulous. The variety of events and entertainments, the organisation and layout, the atmosphere etc all worked swimmingly. May it be the beginning of a long tradition' - Local resident

'We all had the most amazing, fantastic and exciting time' - S.W.

'This is the sort of event the council should support in the future. It was a wonderful family day with all ages enjoying. Everything went smoothly, and not a traffic jam in sight. Perhaps they should take note for the eventual closure of Widcombe Parade to heavy traffic' - Local trader

'We had over 50 people watching or having a go at bell ringing invaluable for our project of having a regular ringing again' - Church Warden

'Brilliant ideas and organisation' - P.and R.

'The Handbags were magnificent and Matt Baker a real star. A million congratulations. Lady Margaret for Mayor! Sainthood!' - Widcombe Association

'It was a triumph and you are a wizard and a true star' - Local trader

'What a bloody wonderful day. Everyone this morning was talking about the party and what a brilliant time they'd had. As we saw all the traffic roaring through again, it was hard to believe it was such a different scene yesterday (but I've still got the Widcombe Waltz floating around my head and there are a few pink feathers wafting around the street, so I know it really did happen' - Resident, Prior Park Buildings

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